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Dark Lords Book 1 to 10 – Shadows

cover-dark-lords-1Alex lives in a Universe where Earth is a memory and normal, unmodified humans are often referred to as stock. Where ‘Forevers’ don’t want to give up eternity, no matter the cost. And ELFs (Engineered Life Forms) long ago fought and won their freedom from slavery, but not the appetites they were created for.

Daniella is a fifth generation Vampirous sapiens, she is royalty, one day to be a Dark Lord and replace her father on the High Council of Albion. Dani tells herself sheʼs a Modern, like her parents. After all, Vampirous sapiens need Homo sapiens to survive. Theirs is a symbiosis and she will protect those in service to her family with all she is. She knows Homo sapiens are people too, theyʼre really just like her … but not. Then she meets Alex.

Alex accepts an invitation to attend the Hominid Trade Summit and Technology Symposium on Albion, how else could he ever see a Realm World? With warnings, fear and superstitions from family and friends, he steps onto a world that smells of apple blossoms. What evil could such a beautiful place hide? Vampires donʼt really drink human blood, thatʼs just a myth…

Read Chapters one to ten for free now (pdf):

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  1. I have been waiting forever to read the full Dark Lords. Reading the first 10 chapters now and loving the complexity and depth of the characters in this new future vision of mankind.

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