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Dark Lords: Book One Shadows, Chapter 16 Bite




Chapter Sixteen


Miller’s Road, New Oxford, Albion, Realm



As they left the bus, Alex was introduced to Rena, John and Lola. All identified themselves as non-vamps. Casper, another half vampire, was going to join the girls later. He and Lola were dating. Caroline and Diane headed off to the Creak, what Marcus called a leather club. Alex had no idea what that meant.

Miller’s Road was an actual road. The buildings were brick warehouses, converted long ago to shops, coffee houses, bars and clubs. It was typical Albion. Delicate lighting, antique solar powered soft yellow streetlights, with benches and little sitting areas hidden here and there. The road was real cobblestone and trees had been planted down the boulevard. Horse drawn carriages, called Hansom Cabs along with hover cars were everywhere.

Alex found himself smiling at the inter-play and teasing. Not for the first time he missed his childhood home, his family, his brothers, sister and cousins. As the group walked they constantly met up with people. He couldn’t keep everyone’s names straight, but as they continued down the road, the group from the bus shrunk until it was only a handful. Johanna and Marcus as its core, remained.

Marcus wasn’t the only one being hit on as they made their way to the ‘bottom.’ Alex smiled politely, but demurred the advances. Everywhere people were dressed in as many colours and styles of clothing as Alex had seen on over seventy worlds and forty stations. But the noise! Everyone was talking, laughing with the people around them. No one had the blank look of neural uplink.

The sidewalks were poured crete of some kind, with glow stones along the road side. It was something he’d seen in many places, helped keep the drunks off the roadways. At many of the building entrances tiles had been pushed into the material. Each building also had the date of when the building was opened for public use. He had yet to see one younger than three hundred years.

But it was the laughter that filled Alex with a quiet excitement. Not a programmed laugh, but real laughter. He caught bits of jokes, bits of conversation as they passed alfresco diners or those drinking at the various venues. The smell of food was amazingly varied. Alex realized, he’d never been to a hominid-only world that was so, so vibrant, so alive.

Walking by one building, he could feel the vibrations from the music being played inside. Why weren’t they using basic sound suppression tech? Or were they advertising, like the food vendors who used the scents of their wares to draw in customers?

Ahead of them was a large brick and stone building that reminded Alex of the vid, Railways, A History, that he’d had to watch for school. The building looked like the ‘Grand Central Station’ of New Earth. It even had ‘Station House’ in white relief over the six huge double doors. Ten large men and four large women, all muscled up, were standing outside the doors. Each looked like they could bench press a transport and not one of them was wearing a body suit. They had real old fashioned looking gold posts with red velvet ropes blocking the entrance.

The far doors had a lineup that stretched down the block. Johanna and the rest went to the nearest doors. Alex stayed next to Johanna and just followed them. People in line were looking over, some waved. The noise level doubled from the line up.

“They seem to be getting excited,” Alex motioned to those in line, “maybe we shouldn’t cut in front?”

“That is not why they are getting excited.” Laughed Marcus putting his arm around Alex’s neck. “The Station is the it place to meet Vampyres and get bit.”


Two of the men had moved forward, they were smiling as they unhooked the red velvet ropes. They motioned them in with great ceremony.

One of the women stepped in front of Johanna. She was beautiful in an almost two-metre Amazon-esque way. Alex was shocked when Johanna and her shared a kiss to cheering and whistles from those waiting in line.

They entered a wide carpeted hallway. Ahead of them the Station was a huge oval with three layers of balconies overlooking the two level lighted dance floors. The upper floor was made from some clear material, perhaps Diamondbrite or clear-crete. Even with dimmed lights, he could see that the nearest balconies were quite large and had arrangements of couches and tables with chairs. Everywhere people were turning, cheering and waving. He’d seen vids of music or vidstars and the Vampires were being treated the much the same way by the crowds. No, Alex mused when three women pulled up their shirts and waved, in exactly the same way.

He followed the group down two flights of stairs then to the left. As they walked along the hallway, there were large sheets of glass. Some were lit up and had the white-out look of privacy settings turned on. Others were unoccupied and dark. Two were on but clear. Alex blushed as they passed a man and a woman in the throes of coitus. In the next room was two men and a woman. All of them naked and apparently playing cards.

Ahead of them two large men wearing bow ties, cuffs and tight black ‘trousers’ stood guard either side of a balcony entrance. They might be bigger than the guards outside, Alex mused, as he followed the rest onto the balcony.

“What would you like to drink?”

Alex turned to where Marcus had motioned and froze. The bartender was a woman in her thirties, he guessed. Alex also decided that her breasts were definitely natural and she was wearing a similar outfit to the men, bow ties cuffs and he guessed a black shorts or skirt or possibly skin tight pants, but the bar hid her from the waist down.

Alex cleared his throat. “I’ll have a Martian.”

The woman smiled and mixed the blue drink a little stronger than Alex was used to, but otherwise it was perfect. A plate of fruit was brought in, compliments of the management. The servers were all sexy smiles and definitely flirting.

He looked out over the dance floor. Each balcony had its own ramp or clear tube to the dance floor. From here he could look up and see the dancers through the floor on the upper level. Many people had stopped dancing and were waving down at Johanna, Marcus and the others.

“So, Alex what do you think?” Johanna asked as she flopped down in a chair.

Alex looked up in time to see a woman flash her breasts at them from the balcony above and to their right.

“Excellent view.”

Johanna laughed. “We have to stay at least a couple hours, or there might be a riot.”

Marcus motioned to somebody down the steps and a couple were let up by the guards at the base. The girl looked to be in her twenties, she was pretty in a plain way with a too round face to fit trends in the HFSS.

“Hi, my Lady, my Lord,” she giggled and curtsied.

Johanna took her hands and smiled. “I am Johanna. What is your name?”

“Candice, I am Candice Wheat. I’m from New Oxford.” She kept giggling. “This is Bradford, my boyfriend, but I call him Bo. We have never been bit before.”

The guy had kind of nodded, but for his goofy grin he hadn’t said a word.

“Neither of you?” Marcus asked. They both shook their heads. “And you’re a sexually active couple?”

They both smiled and showed their hands. Marcus smiled, then.

“Very nice.” He said looking at their rings. He motioned them to the other entrance. Johanna was listening to Candice as the girl gushed and giggled. Marcus stopped.

“Would you mind if he joined us?” He asked ‘Bo’ as he motioned to Alex.

Alex met Bo’s eyes, not sure what was intended by ‘join us’. Bo looked him over then smiled. “Sure mate.”

“To watch.” Marcus clarified. “He has never seen a bite.”

The man turned back to Alex. “Just watch?”

“Perhaps next time, Marcus?” Alex said, hoping they couldn’t see the heat in his face.

“Next time. Sure,” Marcus said to Bo who shrugged. Marcus turned back to Alex. “You okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine.” Alex nodded finishing his drink. He nodded to Marcus, who shrugged and left. Alex turned to see another drink sitting on the bar. He leaned toward the bartender. “What local drinks do you recommend?”

She smiled. He finished his drink and found something sweet with rum in it.

Alex climbed up on a seat by the bar. The bartender was wearing the skin clinging pants like the other staff. Actually, he realized that most women and men were going topless.

Lola introduced him to several people. He nodded and shook hands, but doubted he’d remember faces with the buzz he was getting.

“So you come here often?” asked Diane, the upstairs maid, as she took a seat next to him.

“First time.” He sipped his drink as the bartender, Chloe, put a tray of fruit on the bar. He took a couple of her small bowls and grabbed a grape. “You know the shell game?”

“No.” She laughed.

“Watch the grape.” With a smile Alex put the grape under one of the little bowls. Then he moved them around. “Okay, where is it?”

“Middle?” She said.

He lifted the bowl. “Try again?”

She laughed. After a few tries, he showed her where the grape was. Soon he was surrounded by people. He felt the pressure growing behind his eyes. Either the alcohol was getting to him or somebody was trying to cheat.

Just as Uncle Bill had taught him, Alex slipped the placement of the grape into a bowl of memories, hiding its whereabouts with ease. The pressure increased. Alex looked around at the group, but couldn’t see who it was.

He had switched to Guinness and Chloe told him where the washrooms were. To boos and claps, he headed off. Coming back from the bathroom, Alex stopped, thinking a brunette was Dani. Then she turned. Her shimmering silver top and delicate earrings reminding him how long it been since he’d been with Megan. The brunette had seen him staring and now stood, staring back.

“Hey, handsome.” She said. They both stepped against the glass wall to let a crowd pass.

“Not a Vampire.” He held his hands up, his head buzzing. “No Vampire blood at all.”

Alex started as someone walking by in the crush grabbed his ass, he looked back to see Diane and Clare, the two maids, both blowing him kisses.

“I know. I am Wendy, from Cor. Remember, the bathroom, two days ago?”

Alex looked at her, then nodded, going red. “Sorry, I just thought you were Dale.”

She laughed. “It was my fault. I thought no one was in there.”

“Well, I think you surprised Dale even more than me.”

They both laughed.

“Alex,” Wendy, the upstairs maid, leaned in close, “you know what they say about Miller’s Road?”


“What happens at Miller’s Road, stays at Miller’s Road.” She smiled then and pushed open a dark glass door. As the door swung open the interior light came on. Alex followed her in. He hit the privacy setting and the outside world vanished. The closing door shut out the club but for faint music.

“Hey.” He said. What are you doing Alex? He wondered, you’re drunk. Yeah, but hopefully not too drunk.

She smiled back at him and held her hand under a scanner, it beeped and a green light glowed displaying seventeen.

“What’s that?” Alex stepped up to the machine.

“We like our sex safe in the Realm worlds. It is a—let’s call it a gene check scanner.” She took his hand and put it in the scanner. The machine beeped and he felt his heartbeat speed up. The machine’s indicator showed green with a ninety-seven. Wendy did a double take then the scanner was blank.

You never know, he mused. “Is there a problem? What did the ninety-seven mean?”

“Compatibility. Genetic. Do you want to have kids?” Wendy smiled.

Alex’s red face made her laugh.

“I bet you are finding us a bit crazy. Is the Station crowd too wild?” Wendy asked, as she slipped off his jacket.

“HFSS military weekend stops are wild. This is very tame in comparison.”

“What do you want?” Wendy asked pointed to a dispenser on the far wall.

Alex looked at the machine. There were condoms of every kind and a few other items he’d never heard of. “The condom, you choose. What’s a Synth VPM?”

“Not all Vamps are willing to share and with so… well…” Wendy shrugged and started to say something then stopped. “A bit of synth bite can be fun, it may not be as good as the real thing, but at least we can get a taste.”

Wendy kissed Alex gently on the mouth. He licked his lips tasting strawberries.

“So, people want to get bit?” He was kissing her back, her mouth was full, warm.

“Yes. It is the best legal buzz you can get with benefits.” She pushed down his suspenders as he unclipped her metallic shirt. Her breasts were real, he knew the difference. And she wasn’t wearing a body suit. What he saw was all her.

Wendy was undoing his shirt buttons. Her hands hot against his skin, the odour of strawberries spread through the room as they kept kissing. He dropped her shirt to the side and unclipped her skirt. The slinky material fell away revealing garters, also in black.

She unbuttoned his trousers and unzipped him. He slipped off his shoes. Then he kicked off his pants as she slipped off her shoes and unhooked her garter belt. She stepped out of the skirt pooled at her feet.

“I’m leaving the in a week.” Alex kissed her.

“I know.” Her arms were around his neck.

Alex shook his head.

“What is it?”

“It’s been a while.” He leaned his head against her and just smelled her. Let his hands slide over her skin marveling at the realness of it. She had a small scar on her shoulder and freckles. This close he could see them dusted unevenly across her cheeks.

She took his face in her hands and looked him in the eyes. “What is it?”

“I’m not just leaving the Realm. I’m leaving … in twenty-eight days I’m boarding the Jules Verne.”

She sat down on the large bed and looked up at him.

“That’s not what I meant. But what’s the Jules Verne? Why are you leaving?”

“It’s a Steward Class. First Contact ship.” He looked down at her, she wasn’t perfect. Her lips were too narrow, her ears were slightly uneven, one eye was ever so slightly lower than the other. Oh, Earth, she was so beautiful!

“An explorer ship?” Wendy reached forward and took his hands in hers. “You are leaving known space?”

He nodded.

“How long?”

“Forty years, local time, estimated. Thirty for me.”

She chuckled. “How long since you?”

“Oh, a while. Doesn’t seem much point starting anything …”

“You had a girlfriend … and she left you, yes?”


She smiled up at him. “Pairs?”

He shook his head.

“Then you are going to have some lonely nights, Alex Hunter.” She pulled him forward. “You are going to need some good memories to take with you.”

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  1. Very quick paced with a lot of description of what Alex took in as he followed his friends to the “Station”.
    the Station looks to be a place where sex is freely offered, freely given and very open with little or no regard of who may be around.

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