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Dark Lords: Book One, Shadows, Chapter 18


I hope you are enjoying, Dark Lords, Book One, Shadows. This is copyrighted work belonging to T. Masters-Heinrichs. Please share, comment, if you have a favourite character I’d love to hear about it.     Tyra

Chapter Eighteen


Miller’s Road, New Oxford, Planet Albion, Realm


Jason, carrying Alex, hurried toward the ambulances. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a police transport open and Lady Johanna De La Roche come running from the vehicle.

“What happened?” She was beside him. “Why isn’t he breathing?”

Jason stopped. He dropped to his knees, laying Alex on the ground. He shook Alex.

“He was breathing! In the bathroom he was breathing!” Jason felt panic building inside him, he fell back on his ass. Staring, hand on his face, He’d killed Alex … He’d ripped him open and—

Johanna had started CPR.

“What are you doing?” Johanna was pumping Alex’s chest. “Help me!”

Johanna tilted Alex’s head back and forced air into his lungs. “Hurry!”

Jason looked to whom she was yelling. Two emergency responders were running toward them. One of the ambulances was honking to get through the crowds.

“I have a heart beat.”

Jason looked down at Alex. He hadn’t killed him … he hadn’t hurt him …

“His breathing’s shallow. Bite him!” Johanna was looking at Jason, staring at him. Jason looked down at Alex.

“I didn’t kill him.”

“Bite him. I cannot! I have nothing left. You have to!”

Jason looked down as the two attendants dropped to the ground next to them.

“What happened?” The first one asked.

“I have a weak pulse, shallow breathing. Did he stop breathing?”

“Yes.” Johanna said, still looking at Jason.

“Sir.” Jason turned to the woman. She flicked a pen light in his face. She tilted up his head and looked at his badly bruised throat. “How badly are you hurt, sir.”

“Nothing serious. Bruises, mostly.”

The woman medic was pulling up Jason’s shirt. “I’m fine, you need to help him!”

“Are you capable of biting?” The medic was giving him an odd look. Johanna was shaking her head.

“Do either of you know this man’s name?” The male responder asked.

“Alex Hunter. Alexis Hunter. I don’t know his health history. He’s a Guest.” Johanna said.

“What happened?” The woman asked Jason as she put a blanket on him.

“We were attacked.” Jason was looking at Johanna. He hadn’t hurt her. He hadn’t laid a finger on her. That thing, that thing was still in his head, messing with him! 

He looked down at Alex. “It had me down. An E.L.F. Military grade. The attack was psychic and physical. He stepped in, took the brunt of it. It would have …”

“Sir. We need to transport him and you to the hospital, right now.”

Jason felt a hand on his shoulder. Johanna was standing next to him. He reached up and pulled the plugs off his fangs as the medics stuck sensor pads to Alex’s forehead and opened his blood soaked shirt.

“Do you want to extract?” Jason asked.

“If you are capable, sir, a bite?” the woman said as she turned Alex’s head. “Here. It will be a lot faster.”

The man had put a patch on Alex’s chest and head and was looking at his wrist scanner. “Arrhythmia is getting worse. Blood pressure is low and dropping.”

Jason felt the rush as his fangs broke skin. The heightened almost sexual tension as the glands in the roof of his mouth spasmed. The shudder of feeling through his core. Alex’s blood was rich and salty and full of the tang of adrenalin, the blood tasted good. He could smell a woman on Alex’s skin, could smell that they’d had coitus. In the blood was a hint of that earlier passion, just enough to fill Jason with guilt. He sat up. He should have bit him sooner, why had he hesitated?

“Did Alex collapse during the attack?” the woman medic asked as she covered the bite with gauze.

Johanna had her hands on Jason’s shoulder. Jason shook his head. His right hand reaching up and covering Johanna’s. She helped him up as the medics loaded Alex in the Ambulance.

“No, after. It was weird. He spoke some gibberish, his nose started bleeding and he fell down. I thought he was fainting.” The weakness was coming now.

“Gibberish, sir? Actual words or just sounds?”

“Words, but they didn’t make any sense. He said—”

“It is okay, sir. Alex is going to be fine, but we are taking you with him in the ambulance.” The medic stopped Johanna. “Ma’am. You can meet us there.”

As Jason walked next to the stretcher, the weakness took him. He felt nothing from Alex. Treacle-head didn’t seem to be taking any calls. “I don’t feel anything?”

The two medics from the ambulance were helping him in as the first two secured Alex’s stretcher. “What is your name?”

“Jason. Jason Malwas. No fixed address,” he said ruefully. “I’m not getting anything. Nothing.”

“Do not worry about that.” The female attendant was saying as the doors closed and the ambulance lifted off, lights flashing, into the night sky.

Johanna stood a moment just staring at the ambulance. They did not fly unless it was life or death, which meant Alex wasn’t going to be fine.

“My Lady.”

Johanna turned. Her driver, Vanessa was there, holding open the door to one of her family’s private hover cars. She was surprised to see Madeline inside, talking on the comm. Why was Dani’s personal assistant here?

“Johanna, we will meet them at the hospital.” She said from inside.

Johanna got into the car. All she could think about was Jason saying mentally over and over again that he hadn’t hurt Alex. Jason had looked so lost and alone, so afraid.

“Johanna.” Madeline broke into her reverie. “Change.”

Johanna felt the tears running down her face as she changed into the clothing that Madeline had brought.

* * *

At the hospital, security was everywhere. Both Johanna and Madeline were scanned twice. The three men from the Clover were being interviewed by police. One of them stepped toward Johanna.

Madeline immediately moved between them.

“Dear Lady, please they will give us no word on our Lord Malwas.” The man’s face was etched with worry. “He and you are in great danger. They will not listen. Please?”

Johanna held up a hand to stop Madeline and took the old man’s hands.

“I do not know anything, sir. I am sorry—”

The man leaned in close. “Please. They used a virus. On Avalon. It was a virus. We went crazy because of it. Please! They want to drive you insane. They will kill every Vampyre.” He turned his gaze to Madeline. “Albion is the next logical place to strike. Please tell them to check for viruses. Please! He is the last!”

Madeline nodded at the old man, signalled the police officers, then hurried Johanna toward a waiting security detail. Behind them, Johanna could hear the old man telling the officers that the Vampyre were in danger.

They were through the doors and heading down a hall. Ahead of them, Johanna saw men and women in dark coats. She glanced up, realising it was just after four in the morning. Not even an hour ago, she’d been sitting at the Clover talking to Alex and Jason.

She looked toward the men and recognized her mother and father. Gregor was there as well, his white hairless face frightening as he turned and looked at her. Johanna shivered. Why anyone would try the conversion when such was most likely the result? She did not need urging as she hurried to her parents as they entered the monitoring room for the ICU.

Johanna hugged her parents then saw the machines beeping around Alex’s still form. He looked like he was sleeping. Jason was sitting on the bed next to his. His shirt was off and she could see the bruises coming up all over his body. His left side was purple and he was flinching as they set and knitted his ribs.

Another nurse or doctor was working on his right arm.

Only feet from her, the doctor was talking about brain scans.

Mr. Malwas is refusing to leave his side.”

“What about, Jason?” Johanna asked as she turned back to the doctor, his badge said Shepard. “What about, Mr. Malwas?”

Mr. Malwas, is suffering from four broken ribs, a concussion, signs of whiplash and fractures to both the ulna and radius of his left arm. There is definite signs of some sort of psychic attack. If either of them had had neural nets, they would both be dead now.”

“So he is going to be okay?” Johanna asked. “They are both going to be okay?”

Doctor Shepard looked from Johanna to her parents.

Claudette spoke. “My daughter is no longer a child. She needs to know as much as the rest of us about what has happened. Speak Doctor Shepard, spare us nothing.”

“Before losing consciousness, Mr. Hunter had exhibited what is termed word salad. Which is better than outright gibberish. Mr. Malwas’ bite stabilised Mr. Hunter. It stopped him from stroking, further. We can see haemorrhages in Mr. Hunter’s brain. Should he regain consciousness within the next twenty-four hours, depending on his responses—” he stopped, taking in their shocked faces. “The brain is a funny thing. He should be dead. When whoever attacked him could not control him, they focused their attack in a way that I have never heard of. His brain is robust and wired slightly differently. I think that and his response to the bite is all that saved his life.”

The doctor turned and motioned toward Alex’s peaceful form. “His right ankle was fractured, we have already done the knit.”

“What do you mean, if he regains consciousness?” George asked.

Claudette looked up at her husband. She helped him sit as he stared at the doctor.

“Sir.” Doctor Shepard looked at all of them, then his eyes came back to George. “There is always a chance he wakes up and is fine. More likely is that he wakes up and is able to relearn. Unfortunately, it is just as likely that in forty-eight hours he is moved to the donors list and we notify next of kin. The damage, the haemorrhaging has stopped, but he is not improving. We do not know how—”

A crash turned their attention to the ICU room. Jason had stood, knocking a tray down. Then he was down, back arching. The woman, who Johanna had taken to be a nurse was yelling instructions.

Doctor Shepard was running through the doors. Johanna right behind him. Jason was incoherent as he struggled to his feet. He was up, shoving staff away from him.

“He’s spiking!” The woman yelled. The display above the bed was flashing red, alarms going off. A temperature indicator show 42°C as Johanna watched it climbed to 45°C.

Jason was drooling now. His fangs displayed as he snarled at them. His body shaking so badly he needed the bed for support. He looked at Johanna. His face relaxed as he stared at her. Then he shuddered, his eyes rolled up and he went down again. Johanna caught him before his head could hit the hard floor. His back was arching. Above them the indicators were loudly beeping out warnings.

The woman was suddenly on his chest, trying to shove something in his mouth. His back arched. Johanna grabbed his arms. It was all she could do to hold him. He was thrashing! The woman was flung off. She slid into some of the equipment monitoring Alex.

“He’s at 46!” A voice yelled.

Everyone in the room knew that if his temperature hit 48°C he would die. Then something was being sprayed on him. The white foam made Jason scream and thrash harder. Where it touched Johanna’s skin it burned cold. She looked up to see Doctor Shepard with a fire retardant foam dispenser.

“He’s going to break his teeth!” The woman who’d been tossed off was saying from the floor. She threw the thing she’d been holding to Johanna. Catching it, Johanna pinned Jason down and tried to push it into his mouth.

Jason focused on her, his hands catching hers, gently holding them.

“I didn’t hurt you. I didn’t, please, I didn’t hurt you?”

“No, Jason, you did not.” Johanna said then he seemed to exhale. She pushed the bar into his mouth. His skin was painfully hot.

“He’s spiking again! 47!”

Then they were lifting him. She helped. The bed had been covered with a thick gel filled pad. The men and women worked fast, cutting clothing and covering his body with ice packs. Then another gel pad was laid over top. His arms were strapped to metal forms that had replaced the bed rails, then his legs were strapped down as well.

Johanna did not move. She kept the soft bar in Jason’s mouth, her hands on his too hot skin. She watched as they inserted IV’s into both his arms. As machines were wheeled over. Sensor pads were applied to his calves, arms and chest.

“Morgan.” Doctor Shepard said. Everyone in the room looked over. The woman who had given Johanna the bar and had directed Jason’s care, had her hand poised over a red button. The sign was clear. WARNING! DEPRESS ONLY IN CASE OF CONTAGIOUS BIOLOGICAL HAZARD!

Doctor Shepard looked from the woman to the De La Roche’s staring through the observation window. He nodded.

She hit the button and alarms went off. “Warning! All exits sealed. Hospital is in quarantine! Do not attempt to leave the hospital. Hospital is in quarantine. Please remain calm.”

As Johanna held Jason’s head, holding the bite bar in his mouth, the old man’s face, the worry and fear came back to Johanna. But it was his words that haunted her. ‘It was a virus … you are in danger … he is the last …’


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