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Dark Lords, Book One: Shadows, Chapter 36: Intervention, Vampyre Style…

I hope you are enjoying Dark Lords (Copyright 2013 T. Masters-Heinrichs); if so please share and comment if you can… here is chapter 36

Chapter Thirty-Six

Intervention, Vampyre Style…

New Somerset, South Continent, Planet: Hallstat, Realm

John Whitherly, Lee Garcia and Sheila Kasa sat in the quiet basement. Sheila had made coffee, thick and strong, for the two men. She knelt on the floor, eyes down. They needed her.
All looked up when another woman came down the stairs. Coral Bosworth, her black skin of her legs showing under her skirt as she hurried down to them. She stopped just shy of the rug.
“They have come. The beasts are here.” There was a tremble in her voice.
“Worry not, child of the Light. God will protect us. They will not find us, should they search a thousand houses.” Lee’s voice was filled with love and joy.
“They are not searching.” Coral’s voice was a whisper as she chewed her lip.
“What do you mean, Child?” John Whitmore asked.
“A Vampire is standing in the square.”
The two men looked at each other.
“The police?”
“It is an intervention!” Sheila gasped. “You must flee! Both of you!”
“Calm, Child.” Lee reached out his hands, placing them on Sheila’s shoulders. “Our God is stronger than the Demons! Our God will—”
Sheila jumped up. They all felt it.
“It is too late.”
“What is it?” Lee asked, a sense of wonder coming over him. “They can’t touch us … can they?”
“God will protect us!” John yelled.
Then they were aware of the women, not as other but as them.

Claudette opened her mind further, reaching. Becoming a conduit for all the minds about her. Hers joined the other mature Vampyres, the other high level telepaths.

John gasped. “No! No!”
They were staring at him. The two whores and that bumbling idiot … “NO! That’s not what I think of you!”
“I’m sorry.” Lee turned to Sheila. “I have had unclean thoughts about you. I’m sorry.”
Sheila was crying, tears flowing down her face. Her baby … her baby was gone and not waiting for her … her baby. Lee put his arms around her, he knew her loss, it was his loss. Coral hugged her friend. She had not known about the child. Lee was looking at her.
I want, need to help, to do good … Coral looked at Lee.
Lee had been so lost, so alone, so afraid. Being with the God of Light followers had given him a place, a group, a tribe. He had friends, food, direction. He needed direction, he wanted to help others.
“No! No!”
They all looked at John.
“Lies! All lies.”
They looked into John. A sham, but a great money maker. Just wait till you see some of the ass that comes with the job. We’ll start shipping in trouble and make double. These fang freaks won’t know what hit them. They are fracking vampires, could it be better than that? We’ll be Kings in no time!
John screamed. They saw through his eyes, he/they watching the women getting beaten. Getting hard watching them being raped. Feeling the power he had over them. Over all of them. Lee threw up. Coral squeezed his shoulder as she glared at John. He ran up the stairs and they followed.
In the front yard, Jamie was screaming. He swung at John as the older man ran past him. Down the street a woman was screaming, yelling just like Jamie.
“I’m special! Me! Not you! You are a fake, John Whitmore!” Jamie screamed. He turned, Lee and Coral put themselves in front of Sheila. “Get out of my head! You are not real! It is fake! God loves me! Not you! I’m chosen! Chosen!”
They walked quickly at first then slowed. None could refuse the summons, especially those who did not want to come. Who did not want to look into the eyes and minds of those they had hurt.
Around Lee, Sheila and Coral, everyone, from every part of the town, men, women and children were walking toward the parade grounds. They could see the Vampire. Coral was surprised, it was a woman. Her name was … Claudette. She was a mother. She too had lost children. Sheila let her tears fall. A woman they had not known, but now knew, hugged Sheila.
By the time they reached the parade grounds, the three knew and understood evolution, stardrives, basic maths. Gaps in their knowledge closed. As the night lightened to day, they knew all their neighbours, asked questions, learned answers.
Lee no longer felt shame. He desired women and men because he was human. He was a sexually mature bi-sexual male. He understood the biology of it. He did need acknowledgement, he did need respect, but he did not need to dominate. He needed, wanted to earn respect. He didn’t want what the Sons of Light were selling. He saw now the masochistic nature and cruelty of their teachings. Their love of death, of endings! Of being the important, special ones who go to the light while the rest suffered.
What kind of people believed in a paradise for themselves at the expense of the suffering of others?
They were selling the relationship of master and slave, not true friendship and never equals. What he wanted was respect and partnership. He wanted a family, friends … to love and to be loved. He wanted to protect. Not fear. Not the forced love and submission, they demanded.
Give up reason and come to us, the Sons of the Light, even now begged them. Embrace reason and make your own decisions, the Vampyre offered them.
Coral lay back in the grass. Men had always confused her, but they really weren’t that different. She had never realized how aware of other males they were, of being challenged, of always needing to be ready to posture. The biology and psychology of it filled her with understanding. What surprised her was how much most of them loved women!
They loved their mothers, sisters, daughters and wives, their lovers. They loved being loved, they loved giving pleasure. Oh, some were lazy, some scared, but the women were no different. Coral liked sex. It was not bad, it was natural.
She hadn’t realized she was so like Lee, that they were so similar. They were warriors. Her rage melted back to frustration. She wanted, needed to make a positive difference. She needed work that mattered. Coral felt shame even as she understood how the Sons of Light had convinced her of their lofty intents.
Sheila wrapped a blanket about herself. She experienced the pain and focus of giving birth, the love, joy and exhaustion of a newborn. She shook her head. She no longer felt inferior. She wanted to create a home, a safe place. She wanted to love and be loved.
Then it was over. People were up, hugging, crying, talking. Coral was on her feet. She wanted the connection to come again. She’d been plugged in years ago and it hadn’t been like that. This was kind and gentle, not an overwhelming reality imposed by circuits.
“They are arresting people,” Orson, a father and electronics sales representative said. He also secretly painted landscapes, was too embarrassed to show them to people.
Coral looked. Yes, John, Jamie, Vanessa, at least three others. She felt unclean. They had beaten and raped people. The sense of disgust filling her almost made her throw up, she could feel a hint of what the women and children and several young men had gone through. She could feel the pain and fear of the men they had beaten. She could feel the loss and pain of the families, her families, of the men and women who had been killed trying to stop what was happening.
“This is what they do at the Great Festival, except you decide to join in or not.”
Coral looked over at the young man, Dennis, he was talking about the Vampires.
“You go to school at the uni. Taking history classes.”
“Yes, Coral, that’s me.” He looked at her and she could see he thought her beautiful. He was physically attracted to her and it didn’t frighten her. She returned his nervous smile.
“No wonder religion does not exist in the Realm, who needs if you have … what ever that was.”
Claudette was exhausted. Three police officers had joined the five house guard surrounding her before she was fully disengaged. Her personal secretary, Jules Kesler, held Claudette as she came back to herself. “There is a reason the Great Festivals were ever only held every five years.”
“Yes, My Lady.” Jules helped Claudette into the waiting military hover car.
Claudette shook her head. Twenty-seven women and eight men had been killed. One-hundred and eighty-three women and girls had been beaten and raped. Eleven young men and boys had also been beaten and raped. Anger filled her.
Shock and stun the population. Decry the very violence you secretly promote. Then supply the services to ‘save’ the people from your actions. She had seen it all before, too many times.
“My Lady,” Jules said, “the financial backers have been found. It appears to be the Seven again.”
Claudette closed her eyes. The Armada was too far away. If the Seven Financial Corporate Institutions acted now, the Realm could be lost. “I must speak with my husband.”
“An issue has come up at home. There was a Challenge to Justice. Johanna acquitted herself … traditionally.”
Claudette could not sit up, she stared at Jules a moment, trying to figure out what her secretary had just said. “What do you mean, a challenge?”
“A call for Justice, my Lady. The unclean should still be alive upon our return.”
At least Abigail had not been at Cor. We should have prepared Johanna for such a contingency. Claudette shook her head. “I am getting old.”
“Rest, my Lady.” Jules sat back and look out the window. 


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